Star Hardware Online is an industrial and commercial supplier of high quality fasteners which are important components in securing any two pieces of material. Faulty, low quality fasteners in your production line manufacturing thousands of products each day could be deemed as a potential hazard for your products, consumers and consequently your business.

A sound choice of fasteners which have particularly been sorted to your specification removes this type of unwanted stress. Star Hardware Online relies on its excellent sourcing, manufacturing and inspection and control to give you that peace of mind. You can find out more about us.

We may be beaten on price but not in quality!!

We have now customized and optimized our website to help you go through your orders quickly, helping you purchase fasteners without stepping out of the comfort of your house/office and return back to re-order.

For all our customers in India, we offer the perfect shipping solution. We pack & ship all orders on a flat rate. For customers residing within Hyderabad area, have an option to collect it from our stores, this also save you time, in that, you do not have to wait around the stores while your order is being picked. Once your order is ready, we will give you a call and you can collect it anytime. For all our friends in Canada and Other Countries, we have partnered up with world-class logistics companies to give you a quick delivery no matter what part of this planet you live in.

Our payment method has also been streamlined to make it easier and for you to get done with your fastener purchase as quickly as possible. We accept debit cards, credit cards, cheques, PayPal payments and bank transfers. For industrial customers, your purchases can be made against your company supplied Purchase Order No. in the payments section, however, your order will not be processed until your cheque has been received. For speedier order processing and delivery we recommend you use a credit card or debit card.

If you’re still in doubt about an item, how to order or any other query, pick up that phone and give us a call @ +91 8886772008 or +1 647 939-2008, or even better, email us your requirements in any kinds of industrial fasteners, electronic fasteners, tools and other supplies on our email id:

Why Choose Us?

  • Consistent quality
    • We check and re-check gauges, quantities and sizes to make sure your work does not suffer during production
  • Genuine Stainless Steel 304Gr fasteners
    • Whenever you come across “Stainless Steel” products in this website, rest assured that we are serving you the best quality 304Gr/A2-70 unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Shorten assembly times
    • By asking us to update your assembly line bins. We can offer to update it for you on a daily basis. Also some products are inherently designed to reduce assembly
  • Reduce overstock
    • Leave the stocking to us while you enjoy JIT, lean-manufacturing techniques at your works
  • On-time delivery for products in stock
  • Bulk order discount on request
    • If you are ordering over 5000+ pieces in Stainless Steel 304Gr of sizes ≤M5 and 1000+ pieces of sizes ≥M6, do ask us for a discount
  • Over 10,000 unique products in store
    • How does it sound to be served by ONE company for all your fastening needs?
    • And we can source 1000s of other products on demand
  • Customized packaging